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Naked and Wounded
December 3, 2007, 2:39 pm
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My pastor, Austin Gardner, just got back from South Africa where he spent some time with Kevin Hall. We should our pastor to South Africa becuase the message he preached Sunday in the morning service was phenomenal. He is always a great Bible preacher, teacher, and “explainer”.  It is one of the biggest things that lead me to decide and that this is the mentor that I need to share life with until he goes uo to heaven in a chariot or however God decides to take him home.

One of the most powerful parts of to me yesterday was when he got to verse 15 in chapter 20 of Acts.  “And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?” The men left the house “naked and wounded”. I know I feel like this is the ministry often. I am not plug into the power that is available to me.

I read in I Samuel 23 this morning. Saul thought he was making spiritual, God directed decision in his pursuit of David. He was working in his own power but didn’t really recognize it until David cut off part of his skirt.  Their are young men who are working at putting the Acts Sermon Series together. However, I couldn’t wait to send this outline out. You can go to the blog at our church later this week and see 5 minutes clips of this great message. (

Mighty Prevailing Growth of the Word of God Acts 19:13-41, 13-20 

Reactions to the Word of God in this chapter

·         Some were ignorant—hopefully not intentional·         Some were hardened while others believed·         Some were so excited that they spread the Word·         Some falsely tried to imitate but not obey·         Some had a complete life change and burned their books I.                   There is a power play taking place in this worlda.      Everyone respects real power and wants itb.      Most believe that real power is found in money, materialism, position and prestigec.      Some lost religious people think they have the formula for real power—they command the evil spirits in the name of the Jesus that Paul preaches 19:13d.      Satan does have power—the seven sons of Sceva are overcome and leave naked and wounded 19:16e.      Satan will constantly hold people’s attention with imitation, temporary power                                                  i.      The miracles of Moses imitated,      rod Exodus 7:10-11, water to blood 22, frogs 8:7                                                 ii.      The Bible shows us a false religious man who can do miracles Revelation 13:13, II Thessalonians 2:9-10f.       The name of Jesus and those that knew Him had real lasting power that the world longs to see                                                  i.      Yet we fail to glorify God publicly for what He has done                                                 ii.      We don’t allow Him to do much in our lives because we are too busy seeking worldly, temporary power                                               iii.      God’s eternal power costs too much—the losing of ourselves, our goals and our lives II.                 Our spiritual life always affects our real daily lifea.      They had been trying to live the same false life as the sons of Sceva in one way or another—some practicing the curious arts others maybe just admiring themb.      They didn’t know that their was a God of real power that could have a personal part in their livesc.      They confessed their deeds 19:18d.      They destroyed their things that were part of their sin 19:19e.      Real repentance costs –50,000 pieces of silverf.       SO the Word of God grew because of how they responded                                                   i.      They made a complete turn from their sin to God                                                 ii.      They sacrificed what had been their life for His 

III.             Real faith affects society

a.      Such faith and decision caused no small stir 19:23b.      This power of God was affecting their religion and their wealth 19:25, 27c.      Paul’s preaching had persuaded and turned many people away from the false gods 19:26d.      An entire city was in danger of being changed 19:35e.      How is your faith and walk with God affecting your real life and society around you?f.       Have you burned the books?g.      Which power are you seeking?h.      What affect has the power of God had on your life? Does any notice or hear about the work of God in your life?

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