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I like ultimate frisbee..
December 10, 2007, 9:51 am
Filed under: Principles of Youth Ministry

You may think “I like ultimate frisbee” is a silly topic for my blog. If you think so you can get your own blog, they are free you know. I am just joking. I feel silly writing down some reasons I thought that I enjoyed todays activites. However, maybe in the future I will look at this and it will remind me of something I learned today.

I liked playing ultimate frisbee with my teenagers on Saturday becuase..

1. I think it is good for the teenagers to see me act sillier when I am playing a sport then when I am teaching the Bible. I want them to know I am serious when I teach the Bible becuase it is a serious matter not just becuase I am a serious person always.

2.  We enjoyed watching our teens interact. Ultimate frisbee requires a good deal of communication.

3. It is good to see the teenagers outside. They need to see that reality is better then virtual reality.

4. I just like being around those goofs.

5. They may not expect in an activity where we just palnned on playing, eating, and riding in car that we would talk about the Bible. However, we had great conversations about the Bible even thought it was “planned”.

6. Our students had the opportunity to spend some time with the college students. We have the best college age students in the world and I am glad for anytime the students are able to be around them.

7. A great yougn couple in our church, Andrew and Holly Pearson, hosted todays event at their home and we just had to show up! Thanks guys.


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