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Excited about Summer Camp
July 14, 2008, 3:22 pm
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Chad Gordan and I chose earlier this year to make our theme for camp this year to be “BreakOUT”. It is a prison theme, as you should be able to tell by the video of me, Chad, and some of the guys from my church. 

I have seen alot of blogs out in the “youth ministry blogosphere” about how many people are dreading camp. After reading those blogs I wanted to remind myself of why I am excited about camp. Here are some 10 reasons I am excited about sumer camp, in no particular order.

1. I am excited about our youth team working with Chad’s youth team from Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, GA. I am confident we will learn some things from these guys.

2. I am excited that my teens will get extended exposure to the Word of God. They need to leave the influences all all their media gadgets for a while and let the Word of God work in their hearts.

3. They will be motivated by seeing other teenagers who want to serve God.

4. I will get some time with them. I will hear about problems I did not know they had. They will hear answers they did not know where available from the Word of God!

5. God molded my life through camp. I made many of the big decisions that effect my life today at the altar of a camp.

6. Camp can be and should be a Controlled Atmosphere for the Ministry of Preaching. As I heard Dr. Bill Rice III say many times.

7. Their will be conflicts. Weird thing to be happy for.. huh. Well, I have noticed in youth ministry that in every conflict there is an opportunity to respond if they do not react. (Subject for another blog on another day)

8. I like to swim and hardly ever get to go.

9. It is going to be a great launching pad for these kids before they go back to school.

10. I will get to see students interact outside of the church and with kids from a different church. Many times the teens have a character they play at their church and with their church friends. I am curious to see what kind of students from the other churches they are drawn to. I am hoping to see some kids who play it cool.. wanting to hang out with the kids from the other church who are on fire.



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