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Excited about Summer Camp
July 14, 2008, 3:22 pm
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Chad Gordan and I chose earlier this year to make our theme for camp this year to be “BreakOUT”. It is a prison theme, as you should be able to tell by the video of me, Chad, and some of the guys from my church. 

I have seen alot of blogs out in the “youth ministry blogosphere” about how many people are dreading camp. After reading those blogs I wanted to remind myself of why I am excited about camp. Here are some 10 reasons I am excited about sumer camp, in no particular order.

1. I am excited about our youth team working with Chad’s youth team from Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, GA. I am confident we will learn some things from these guys.

2. I am excited that my teens will get extended exposure to the Word of God. They need to leave the influences all all their media gadgets for a while and let the Word of God work in their hearts.

3. They will be motivated by seeing other teenagers who want to serve God.

4. I will get some time with them. I will hear about problems I did not know they had. They will hear answers they did not know where available from the Word of God!

5. God molded my life through camp. I made many of the big decisions that effect my life today at the altar of a camp.

6. Camp can be and should be a Controlled Atmosphere for the Ministry of Preaching. As I heard Dr. Bill Rice III say many times.

7. Their will be conflicts. Weird thing to be happy for.. huh. Well, I have noticed in youth ministry that in every conflict there is an opportunity to respond if they do not react. (Subject for another blog on another day)

8. I like to swim and hardly ever get to go.

9. It is going to be a great launching pad for these kids before they go back to school.

10. I will get to see students interact outside of the church and with kids from a different church. Many times the teens have a character they play at their church and with their church friends. I am curious to see what kind of students from the other churches they are drawn to. I am hoping to see some kids who play it cool.. wanting to hang out with the kids from the other church who are on fire.



Fish grow according to their tank.. do you?
October 24, 2007, 5:24 pm
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Two days ago I received a 8 inch oscar for my 40 gallon tank. I love it. However, my wife feels like the fish is to big for the tank. Which in someways may be true. The fish would have never grown to that size in that tank. He was raised in an outside fountain. So when he, referring to fish, was put in the tank he didn’t really move much because he felt like he was to big for his tank.

This reminded me of the verse in Jeremiah 12:5 If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses?

Lessons from Oscar  

#1 Don’t act like you are too big for your tank. I do not want to be that guy! I do not want to be the Youth Pastor who secretly thinks he is to big for his position. I honestly feel overwhelmed by the fact that the Lord and the church allows me to be in the ministry. I have seen many people feel like they where to big of a fish for the tank they are in. So they get out and flop! (pun intended)

#2  Do not let the size of your tank limit your growth. Youth ministry is no means a small tank. I do not believe that going from youth ministry to adult ministry is progressive.I believe it is a change of direction of ministry but not a promotion. So, maybe you have a youth group of 5,10, or 50 and you feel equipped to handle that group. You may think by the time your youth group grows to 100 then you will be ready for them. However, it would be much better and biblical for you to be ready for 100 before you youth ministry gets there.

Either you are a minister of the Gospel and you stand between the living and the dead or you are a hireling who is there to maintain a ministry you have been given.If you are the first of the two… then let’s grow together. Forget about how big you think you tank is. You have a ministry to the world and God has given you 5,10, 20 or 100 students to train to help you as strive to make disciples of every nation.