Ministry Fertilizer


What is with the name “Youth Ministry Fertilizer”? 

I will have to admit that if I would have came upon a youth ministry blog called “Youth Ministry Fertilizer” I would probably not be searching for it’s RSS to subscribe to it but I would be laughing about it to one of my friend in the office.

The name is quite weird. However, it is where I am at during this time in my life.

One day while listening to a radio, I heard a man go on and on about how he takes care of his grass and all that he does to make his grass grow. I thought man I wish youth ministry was that easy. I wish I had as many tools available to me as that guy.

Then I realized I did and then some.

I work at a church in Alpharetta, GA with a Pastor who is unlike any other. He served in Peru for almost 20 years and has been leading and working with youth for over 35 years. I am part of a network of young ministers all around the world who are working with youth.

God has given me plenty of resources and tools to do the job. I want to share with you all that he has given me.

Growing ministries are led by growing leaders!  

That is what I want to have, growing ministry, and who I want to be, a growing leader. This blog will be a place I can document all that God is placing in my life to help me grow.

Sometimes what we learn may stink but it will be there to help us grow… thus the Youth Ministry Fertilizer.

I pray that the articles will help you grow into the youth leader that God desires for you to be and will help create in me an insatiable to learn more!


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